Monday, November 23, 2009

Change...Why Fight it When You Can Master It?


Let’s face it, we acquire plenty of stuff. As we amass belongings the value seems obvious. Once gathering dust, its relevance diminishes. It just happens. Making the time to organize, donate, sell, recycle or otherwise dispose of it takes effort...and the activity always seems timed precisely with more pressing yard work or filling out tax forms. So it grows...leading to “need” for larger spaces. If you really think about the “stuff” we collect, and assess it from a needs versus wants standpoint...much of the “stuff” offers little value. Once we have unnecessary stuff, the dilemma of disposal enters. Clutter. Why start?

Like tropical fish, our footprint grows to the size of the aquarium we swim in...or something like that. I’m not suggesting that we live in confinement but I do recommend that, when planning our spaces, a thorough review of needs is more sensible than defaulting to anticipated overspill.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

While You're In There...

Nascent opportunities for architects, builders and remodelers

Sustainability. Hard to define...easy to toss around in conversation.

I’m actively learning about sustainability. As I delve in, what becomes clear to me, is that I know a fair amount...but my proficiency pales in comparison to what remains for me to learn. Do you know this feeling?