Saturday, October 17, 2009

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Welcome to the Homepath Products blog. We developed the eXapath™ in-wall cable pathway system and are interested in creating dialogue on the subject of current and future expectations of broadband usage within the home.
Loosely defined, we view broadband as a generic means to access the internet and increasingly we witness new and exciting uses for broadband extending beyond simple internet access. These include entertainment (streaming audio and video), gaming, social networking, security, automation, home-based business expansion, telecommuting, telemedicine, and telepresence to name a few.
We also recognize that continued advancements in practical application of broadband rely upon the speeds (data rates) offered by service providers and ultimately the speeds at which privately owned home networks can take full advantage of broadband.
How do you use broadband today? How do you envision using it in the future? What do you see as opportunity for improvements in broadband?
Please join us.

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